New Orleans Swinging Blade Signs

Our hanging blade signs are fully customizable by you, they look great on any business – from restaurants to offices. Blade signs swing to display your any information about your business you want noticed. NOLA Sign Shop uses the best materials so that you can create the most durable and attractive personalized sign to fit your business’ needs.

Storefront Swinging Signs | Single-Sided or Double-Sided

New Orleans businesses see busy sidewalks from day to day, with a blade sign your business name is hanging where pedestrians are most likely to recognize it, while also where cars can drive by and see your business’ name, services, and location.

Swinging blade signs come in various sizing and coloring. Whether you want your swinging sign with a custom shape, one-sided or two-sided, 3D or flat, we can personalize your sign to your liking with vibrant colors and reinforced lettering. We will also professionally install your sign to make sure your hanging sign stays hanging and always looking great.

Because blade signs are so customizable, we can make a hanging blade sign for any business. The most common hanging signs we make are for the following purposes:

  • Restaurant and Bar Signs

  • Café Signs

  • Coffee Shop Signs

  • Salon Signs

  • Retail Signs

NOLA Sign Shop offers affordable sign manufacturing for almost any sign your business may need designed and installed in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Call us today at (504) 434-0843 to get started, or email us at to get a quick quote.