Light Box Cabinet Signs | Illuminated Signs New Orleans

As an all-night city, many New Orleans businesses need brightly lit signage. As New Orleans grows having a lit storefront is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, many people choose NOLA Sign Shop to design and install a light box sign to attract customers at any hour.

Varieties of Outdoor Light Box Signs

From bright sign cabinets and illuminated window signs to custom channel letters, we can find the lightened signage to fit your business. Our light box signs are made with durable, high-quality materials so they can take on any outdoor conditions from cool winters to blazing summers.

  • Basic Light Box Sign is lit by fluorescent bulbs from behind the sign. Whether your sign needs to be applied to individual panels and “sandwiched” together or simply applied to thin acrylic, NOLA Sign shop will design and install it for you.

  • Illuminated Sign Cabinets are similar to a basic light box because of the invisible fluorescent lights within. This type of sign’s benefits are its rust-free aluminum sides and backing, so you will never have to think about rust stains on your storefront.

  • Lighted Window Sign are loved for their user-friendly operation. Bright window signs allow for changeable dynamic text and graphics. Lighted window signs allow you to display specials or changes at your business as they happen.

NOLA Sign Shop works with you from the start of your concept to the end of installation. Our goal is to help our customers show off their business in a way they love for years to come. To learn more about our light box signs call or e-mail us today at (504) 434-0843 or today.