New Orleans LED Channel Letters

For businesses that want to brighten their storefront and elongate their hours of visibility, channel letters are a solid solution. Large letters that shine will always grab the eye, causing more consumers to notice your business from the sidewalk or from the road. NOLA Sign Shop would love to help you brighten up your organization.

Illuminate Your Storefront with NOLA Sign Shop

Visibility of your storefront and your services are vital to getting noticed in New Orleans. Channel lettering can easily display what your business has to offer at any time of day – something that is especially important in our all-hours city.

Three-dimensional lit lettering will easily catch attention of pedestrians and drivers, getting your location and services noticed. While other business’ signs become invisible after dark, channel letters can help your business maintain a welcoming glow when the sun goes down.

We have a variety of channel lettering styles to give your storefront a one-of-a-kind look:

  • Backlit Channel Letters – Backlit letters will give your storefront a theatrical look to make certain of your organization’s visibility, regardless of lighting or weather.

  • Open-face Channel Letters – Your business can be different from the rest with open face lettering, the open-face lighting makes otherwise simply shaped lettering more visually appealing.

  • LED Channel Letters – LED lettering will give your business that bright and appealing look while being eco-friendly and economical

  • Neon Channel Letters – Neon can be used with back-lighting or open-face lettering. The style is reminiscent of the big city, giving your business a modern, metropolitan look.

Channel letters give passersby the chance to see what your business is about at any hour, and in New Orleans, a sign that continuously highlights your location and what you have to offer is practically priceless.

Simple and Easy Channel Letters with NOLA Sign Shop

We know a well-lit storefront can go a long way, so we work with you from the beginning to find the design you want for your light-up sign. We use high-quality, weather-resistant materials and professional sign installation services to ensure that your illuminated sign will last for years to come.

Call NOLA Sign Shop at (504) 434-0843 or send an e-mail to so that we can get started with your channel signage!