New Orleans Real Estate and Side Walk Signs

When advertising a neighborhood event or a house for rent, every bit of attention matters. Cumbersome flyers and other paper advertisements don’t hold up, and often prove to be ineffective. Weatherproof a-frames and Coroplast make excellent sidewalk signs and real estate signs so that your house for sale, rental property, or other event will be noticed.

Attention-Catching Sidewalk and Street Signs

We have several sidewalk sign options for every budget and any purpose. From restaurant chalkboard signs to simple real estate advertisement, our professional, experienced sign making team can make it work for you. NOLA Sign Shop will work with you for each part of the process whether you come equipped with a specific design or just a concept, we’ll help you decide the best sign for you.

  • A Frame Signs are sturdy, reusable, and portable signs. The easy set-up and take-down make them a worthwhile investment.

  • Wooden A-Shape Signs have all the benefits of an a-frame advertisement with the addition of a natural, organic feeling that plastic cannot achieve.

  • Chalkboard Signs can give your store or restaurant some personalization. Your illustrations can be a fun and effective way to draw attention from local New Orleanians and tourists alike.

  • Real Estate Signs must be bright and beautiful to catch people’s attention. We will design your sign to be concise and easily read while remaining attention grabbing from a distance.

  • Sandwich Board Signs are similar to an a-frame, but can be wearable.

NOLA Sign Shop only uses the strongest, industrial-grade components for our customer’s signs. Your side walk sign will make it through both the hot summers and cool winters. Side walk signs can serve many purposes, but the most frequently requested signs are as follows:

  • Restaurant Signs

  • Daily Special Signs

  • Menu Signs

  • Sale and Clearance Signs

  • For Sale Signs

  • Open House Signs

Let us help you create a sign to attract customers from New Orleans bike lanes and sidewalks. Call or e-mail NOLA Sign Shop today at or (504) 434-0843 today so we can get started making your sign!