Vinyl application.

Vinyl application.

New Orleans Vinyl Decals and Vinyl Cut Lettering

Custom lettering on your storefront windows and doors can give your storefront a refined, sleek look. Your storefront essentially is free advertising space, and there’s no reason not to utilize it to suit your business’s goals. While signage and posters will draw attention to your storefront, it’s hard to match the look and effectiveness of smooth vinyl lettering and glass decals adds to your storefront, whether as window lettering or placed on another smooth surface. From address decals to wall murals, we’ve got you covered. NOLA Sign Shop specializes in vinyl cutting, vinyl printing, and vinyl application, so we feel fully capable of helping you design and place your new vinyl lettering.

Types of Vinyl Signage

Vinyl graphics are images or lettering printed on or cut out of vinyl and adhered to a smooth surface such as windows, doors, walls and tabletops. Vinyl graphics can be matte or shiny, metallic gold, silver or copper, glittered, or even frosted-glass. Vinyl window graphics and window decals can be single-color or full-color, and are a very versatile way to achieve a variety of looks, from elegant to flashy. 

Custom-designed vinyl is great for showing off the selling points of your business or displaying informative information like business hours while adding a decorative touch to your storefront. We offer several vinyl options so that we can come as close as possible to matching the vision of your business or organization you have in mind.

  • Vinyl Lettering can give a business a professional, established look minus the hassle of permanent application. We’ll make your sign to say exactly what you want in whatever style you desire from business name and address decals to custom phrases.

  • Vinyl Decals are fully customizable. Whether a large decal or an accent decal, we can create and produce a perfect decal for your business’s storefront.

  • Gold Leaf Decals are a beautiful option that will give your storefront a polished, sophisticated look.

  • Informational Decals for things like business hours, business address, and phone number. This usage of vinyl on your doors or windows makes your storefront identifiable while having a professional look.

While vinyl lettering is almost always seen on windows and glass doors, vinyl letters and decals can be applied to any clean, smooth surface such as but not limited to the following:

  • Aluminum

  • Drywall

  • Foam Boards

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Acrylic

  • PVC Boards

NOLA Sign Shop wants your signage to be long lasting whether indoors or outdoors so we use high-quality vinyl for decals and lettering, allowing you endless options for advertising space. Contact NOLA Sign Shop today to learn more about our vinyl signage options! Our phone number is (504) 434-0843, or e-mail us at