Custom Hand-Painted Signs | New Orleans Hand-Painted Signage

A hand-painted sign gives your storefront a truly unique look. This type of sign allows for a degree of customization that will invite customers’ eyes to your storefront. The quality material and care we put into our hand painted wooden signs will make certain your sign lasts for years to come.

Personalized Wooden Signs

We do our best to tailor our wooden signage to your needs, so depending the designs you have in mind for the face of your business we offer a variety of wooden sign options:

  • Hand Painted Signs show off your painted design in custom coloring on a wooden backdrop.

  • Full Color Wooden Signs are entirely painted so you maintain the established, refined texture wood can give while concealing the color of the wood.

  • Carved Signs are wooden signs that allow for customized shaping, from three-dimensional letters to a unique logo shape.

  • Wood Signs utilize the organic color and texture of the wood to illustrate your business’ message.

Benefits of Hand-Painted Signs

A wooden sign is mature, but stylish – showing your customers you care about your appearance as much as you care about your services. Your hand-painted sign evoke a feeling of welcome and can convey a sense of homeliness, familiarity, or history from your business.

A hand-painted sign shows your customers how personally invested you are in your business, from your goods and services to the facets of your look.  The customization that goes into a hand painted sign illustrates to your customers the dedication, love, and effort you put into your work. A wooden sign will stand out as something warmer and more inviting, something New Orleanians appreciate.

Something we all love about New Orleans is its history, with a hand-painted sign you can show your building’s history or even your business’ personal history by taking advantage of the old-fashioned or even “rustic” look wooden signage can show.

Our selection of woods, paints, pole brackets, and bracket blades allows your sign to be fully customized and work as an accurate display of your business’ message.

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